ICSF’s Chief Office Volunteer, David Payne, Announces Retirement

As many of our long-time supporters know, when ICSF was created in 2005 my mother took on virtually all of the office responsibilities so that I could concentrate on the actual planning and running of our surgical l missions. She wrote thank you letters to our donors, handled and recorded donations along with many other office-related duties. When she suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in 2016 it left a huge void—not only an emotional void but also a workload-related void.

It was soon after my mother’s passing that a long-time supporter, David Payne, a retired Major in the U.S. Air Force, stepped up and volunteered to take over the duties of running ICSF’s office work. He did so with enthusiasm, completeness and exactness and never waivered in the seven years he has served. He also accompanied me on several ICSF missions to Guatemala, Peru and Bolivia, where he served as an overall mission support person and also a Spanish translator.

After being elected in November to the City Council of Glenns Ferry, Idaho, David will be retiring from ICSF to devote more time to his elected office. Although words cannot adequately describe the gratitude I feel for what David has done for ICSF and the children we serve, I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank him (and his wife, Annette) for not only their amazing help but also their friendship to me personally. Thank you, David, and congratulations on your election victory! Good luck in your new pursuit!

by Dr. Geoff Williams

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