ICSF Back to Full Schedule After Covid, Serves 8 Missions in 6 Months

Although ICSF was the first overseas organization to resume surgical missions after the onset of Covid-19, there were still a few countries that would not allow even ICSF to enter. 2023, however, saw all restrictions lifted. ICSF’s response? Serve eight missions in six months to the countries of Peru, Bolivia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam. “I am thankful that we have the means to get back to a full mission schedule. We owe all of this to our generous supporters,” states Dr. Williams.

Orly (Philippines), age two, before surgery by ICSF in 2014

Orly, age three, one year after five-hour surgery by ICSF

Orly, age eleven, nine years after surgery by ICSF. Orly and his father had heard about ICSF’s February, 2023 Kabankalan mission and came just to say hello. Orly reports that he is doing very well in school with many friends and no teasing.

Wayler, Peru, age 18 months, prior to surgery by ICSF in 2020

Wayler, age five, three years after surgery by ICSF

Diana, age 1 year (Philippines) prior to surgery by ICSF in 2020

Diana, age four, three years after surgery by ICSF

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