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Make a Donation by Mail

To mail a donation, please send it to:
  P.O. Box 4594
  Boise, Idaho 83711-4594.

Make a Donation Online

To make an online donation, please use our Paypal buttons below:

$8,000 to cover the cost of an entire ICSF surgical mission.

$1,000 to sponsor a full day of ICSF surgeries.

$290 to pay for one child's surgery.

Pay for Part of a Child's Surgery:

$100 Donation

$50 Donation

$25 Donation

Donate Any Amount using this button.

Be a Volunteer

ICSF is grateful for, and welcomes anyone who is willing to assist in reaching out to the many children around the world in need of ICSF services.

Please list any special skills or capabilities that you can contribute.

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