2011, Another Record Year for ICSF

The last two quarters of 2011 saw ICSF serve nine missions to five countries (the Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Kenya, and Pakistan), including ICSF’s first speech therapy mission (see page 2). “The credit for our success in 2011 should be shared by ICSF’s supporters who have really made all of this possible” says Dr. Geoff Williams, ICSF president.

Daniel (before) Daniel (after)

Daniel, of the Philippines, before surgery (left) and at age 5 (right), two years after surgery for bilateral cleft lip.

 Iqra(before) Iqra (after)

Iqra, of Pakistan, had her lip operated on by another team; the lip came apart after surgery (left). Iqra, age 6, five months after surgery by ICSF (right).

Renze (before) Renze (after)

18-month-old Renze, of the Philippines, before surgery and one year after.

Jorge (before) Jorge (after)

Jorge, of Peru, at age 2 after surgery by another volunteer team (left), and after surgery by ICSF (right).

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