ICSF’s Filipino Team

Early after ICSF began serving in the Philippines in 2006, Dr. Williams and his American colleagues began recruiting and training Filipino health professionals. The first was anesthesiologist, Dr. Mario John Judith. Soon after followed registered nurse Earl Salcedo. In 2013 came nurse Christine Arancillo, who then recruited registered nurses Boyet Acaso and Marylan Gayapa. All five now serve with ICSF in all of its five Philippines mission sites. The Filipino team also accompanies Dr. Williams to ICSF’s missions to Vietnam.

Dr. Williams comments, “We have chosen the most dedicated and talented health professionals we have encountered over our eight years of service in the Philippines. These five professionals, now my good friends, work together in a great team effort. Through their dedication, ICSF is able to deliver the very best care possible to these wonderful children here in one of the poorest countries in Asia.”

Team members, left to right: Dr. Mario Judith, anesthesiologist; Earl Salcedo, registered nurse; Boyet Acaso, registered nurse; Christine Arancillo, registerd nurse; and Mary Lan Gayapa, registered nurse.

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