ICSF Receives Joint Grant from ASPS and Smile Train

The International Children's Surgical Foundation (ICSF), a Boise-based charity which travels to developing countries to provide free surgery for children with cleft lips and other disfigurements, was recently awarded a $15,000 joint grant from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Smile Train.

Dr. Geoff Williams, president of ICSF, said of the award: "ICSF was chosen for this award because of how we operate. We treat these kids in developing countries with the same amount of time and attention that American kids get and we train foreign doctors so that they can take care of their own patients." ICSF took advantage of the grant money in April by providing free cleft lip and palate surgery to 30 children at the Hai Phong, Vietnam Children's Hospital.

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