ICSF Resumes Full Mission Schedule After Pandemic

As of the printing of this newsletter, ICSF will have served a total of seven surgical missions for the year 2022 with six already scheduled for the year 2023. “Being able to schedule missions at this rate and frequency is made possible by our donors,” states Doctor Williams. “We really owe it all to them.” “In 2023 we anticipate ten missions served which is up to speed for what we were accomplishing prior to the Covid-19 pandemic,” he added.

Cyril age 16, Philippines, prior to five hour surgery by ICSF in 2012 (left); In 2022, ten years after surgery (right). Dr. Cora Pingoy, a local Filipino dentist who works with ICSF, was responsible for Cyril’s dental makeover.

Three-year-old Jancil, Philippines, before (left); Six years after lip surgery by ICSF (age nine) (right)

Two-year-old Kris, Philippines, before surgery (left); and four years after surgery by ICSF (age six) (right)

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