ICSF to Serve 16 Missions in 2012 — including 7 in the Philippines

Like usual, the first quarter of 2012 saw ICSF off to a running start — in spite of ICSF’s head of home operations, Beverly Williams, undergoing major shoulder joint replacement surgery. In January through March, ICSF served five missions to the countries of Mexico, Bolivia, and the Philippines, providing free surgery to 91 children and young adults suffering from congenital and traumatic deformities. A total of 16 missions are planned for the year, with seven in the Philippines.

Angel (before) Angel (after)

Angel, of Oaxaca, Mexico, before surgery (left) and four months after surgery (right).

Masey (before) Masey (after)

Maesy, of the Philippines, before surgery (left), and one year after surgery (right).

Marina (before) Marina (after)

17-year-old Marina (left) of Bolivia, who lost part of her nose from a dog bite at age three, and five days after the last of four surgeries (right).

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