ICSF Serves in All Four Hemispheres—Again

Since its first full year of operation in 2006, ICSF has performed free surgeries and taught local health professionals in all four hemispheres of the world, every year, up to the present.

Erwin before surgery

Erwin, age 4, had surgery by another team but with a poor result

Erwin after surgery

Erwin after ICSF performed a four-hour redo operation

In 2014, all four hemispheres are again on ICSF’s slate. ”What was once a small fledgling outfit has become a sustainable worldwide organization,” says Dr. Geoff Williams, president and founder of ICSF. “The number of poor children and families that we have been able to give the oportunity for a normal life is remarkable.

Jonathan before surgery

Jonathan, age 2, before surgery

Jonathan after surgery

Jonathan after a five-hour surgery byICSF

“If we help only one, it means everything in the world to that one—but we now have well over two thousand—all thanks to our generous supporters, many of whom have been with us for a number of years now,” he adds.

Jonel before surgery

Jonel before surgery

Jonel after surgery

Jonel after a four-hour operation by ICSF

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