ICSF Serves First Annual Beverly Williams Memorial Mission

Beginning this year and for each year in the future, ICSF will designate one of its surgical missions as the Annual Beverly Williams Memorial Mission. This year the site was Kabankalan City, the Philippines, August 6-19.

“This was a very special mission for me as it was the first mission we carried out after my dear mother’s passing away,” explained Dr. Geoff Williams, ICSF president. “It was a very fitting mission by which to commemorate Beverly’s life because it was a follow-up mission, meaning that children who could not be accommodated in a previous mission were taken care of on this mission. Beverly was always concerned about children who were left over at the end of a mission, such as those who had come late or could not be accommodated due to a large turn-out. Therefore, the Kabankalan follow-up mission embodied her desire that no one be left behind,” Dr. Williams added.

Three-year-old Ashley Joy of Kabankalan, the Philiippines, before (left) and six months after her six-hour surgery by ICSF for her bilateral cleft lip

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