ICSF Serves First Cleft Palate Mission by Any US Organization Since Start of Covid-19

While much of the world is still in lockdown due to Covid-19, ICSF led the way for the rest of the American surgical organizations by sending out the first surgical team since the start of Covid-19.

Ruth (left) age 2, before surgery by ICSF; and Ruth (right) one week after three hour surgery by ICSF.

“While many organizations state that cleft surgeries are life-changing, ICSF believes this enough to actually find a way during the pandemic and give these children the lifechanging surgeries they need. However, we respect the pandemic, and our team members are all triple vaccinated. Furthermore, we test every patient for Covid-19 when they arrive at the mission and before their surgeries,” states Dr. Williams. “It’s really an honor for ICSF to be the first team to actually travel overseas during the pandemic and get out to treat these kids who have had their lives put on hold due to Covid-19,” he added.

Kenia (left) before surgery; and Kenia (right) after three-hour surgery by ICSF.

Wayler (top) before surgery; and Wayler (bottom) after four hour surgery by ICSF.

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