ICSF Serves Four Missions, including the 3rd Annual Beverly Williams Memorial Mission

August through December, three locations in the Philippines and one in Bolivia were recipients of ICSF’s efforts to provide free treatment for facial deformities to poor children in developing countries—at the same level of care that American children receive—and to train local health care professionals to treat their own patients with that same high level of care. The mission to Dipolog, Philippines, was a follow-up mission to take care of children who had come to the March mission but could not be accommodated. This mission was carried out in memory of Beverly Williams, the heart and soul of ICSF--due to her guiding concern that all who come for treatment are accommodated.

Alina, Bolivia, (left) age 7, prior to treatment by ICSF for her facial burns, and (right) age 12, two days after her fifth surgery by ICSF for facial burn scars. ed. Alina is thrilled with the improvements in her appearance and is looking forward to her future surgeries by ICSF.

Mawi, Philippines, age four months (left), prior to lip surgery by ICSF, and one year after cleft lip surgery by ICSF (right).

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