ICSF Serves in the Philippines and Marks its Twentieth Year in Vietnam

Fifty-three children in the Philippines and Vietnam received free surgery by ICSF in August. Also, roughly eighty hours of one-on-one training to local health professionals was rendered, further enabling local doctors to treat their own patients. Dr. Williams recalls; “the last twenty years of working in Vietnam has been rewarding not only because of the surgeries performed but also because of the training of local doctors that has been accomplished. That is really what ICSF is all about— empowering the local health professionals to care for their own patients. No other organization does this to the extent that we do.”

Cuong, Vietnam, before surgery at six months of age, and one year after surgery by ICSF

Left: Julfah, Philippines, before surgery by ICSF. Julfah had been operated on hastily by another mission team which advertises 45-minute surgeries. She was still being teased because of the hole just below her left nostril and other irregularities. Right: Julfah after three-hour surgery by ICSF.

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