Impossible without Her!

How is it possible for an organization with no paid employees to do seven team missions per year in a poor country 10,000 miles away?

Flor Moya Image

Flor Moya, Registered Filipino nurse and ICSF Southeast Asia Mission Coordinator

The answer: Meet Flor Moya, retired registered nurse (the Philippines) who donates her efforts nearly fulltime, organizing and coordinating ICSF’s missions in the Philippines and Vietnam.

Dr. Williams first met Flor in 2007 when they were both volunteering with another team in the Philippines. They had certain ideas of how surgical missions should be conducted — and those ideas matched up well. Before they knew it, they were serving together on ICSF’s first team mission to the Philippines in 2008.

“Flor has made the impossible, possible”, states Dr. Wil- liams. Flor now serves as ICSF’s Mission Coordinator for all of Southeast Asia and has served 21 ICSF missions to Kenya, Vietnam, and the Philippines. ICSF’s hat goes off to Flor for her valuable service.

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