Kenyan Surgeon Trained By ICSF

In all ICSF missions, local doctors are trained during the performing of the surgeries, with the goal that they will eventually take over the treatment of children residing in their respective countries and provide care at the same standard as that enjoyed by children in the US.

A shining example and product of this effort is Dr. Kimani Wanjeri, whom Dr. Williams has been training in three visits per year over the last two years. “Dr. Wanjeri recently reported to me that he is planning on establishing his own cleft palate team in Nairobi”, says Dr. Williams. He adds, “Now Kenyan children will have a well-trained surgeon who will be available to them all year to take care of problems that arise. It is a great feeling to help bring Kimani to this level.” This success story illustrates how there is really no end to the potential that each dollar contributed to ICSF will reach as doctors trained by ICSF begin to treat their own patients and teach their own students.

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