A Record for Blown Kisses

The ICSF medical team in January’s Kabankalan, Philippines, mission witnessed what is probably a record for blown kisses in a twenty-four-hour period. (To clarify, a “blown” kiss is not referring, in this circumstance, to botching a kiss, but rather to the act of placing a kiss on one’s hand and then blowing it toward another individual at a distance).

Maria Blezel (before)

Maria Blezel before four-hour bilateral cleft lip surgery in 2010.

Two-year-old Maria Blezel Garganian, who had her bilateral cleft lip repaired by ICSF a year earlier, entered the clinic door at this year’s mission, blowing kisses to all of the team members and everyone else in the room. After Maria was evaluated and scheduled for palate surgery, she left through the door, blowing kisses until she was out of sight.

After her cleft palate surgery, Maria was quiet and rather somber for a day or two, as could be expected after a major surgery. Soon thereafter, however, she began, slowly at first, to blow kisses again. Ten days after Maria’s surgery, as she entered the clinic room for her postoperative evaluation, she again was blowing kisses to all in the room and continued to do so until she left through the door and was out of sight.

“What a wonderful little human being Maria is—a blessing to our team, in fact. I thank our wonderful donors for making her surgeries possible”, comments Dr. Williams.

Maria Blezel (after)

Maria one year after lip surgery and ten days after palate surgery, blowing a kiss to ICSF’s supporters.

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