Message from the President

Who really cares?

I frequently read websites and ads from other overseas mission organizations. One claim is common to all. They all say, “our surgeries are life-changing,” or even “life saving.”

We at ICSF, of course, say the same.

The Covid-19 pandemic gives all overseas surgical organizations the opportunity to prove their sincerity about changing, and therefore, saving the lives of poor children in poor countries.

So, please consider the following fact. There is only one organization who has actually resumed serving mission trips during the pandemic. That organization is ICSF. ICSF has served the only surgical mission trips (three) by any organization since the start of the pandemic. There ARE other organizations that are currently advertising on the internet, but ICSF is the only organization actually serving overseas mission trips to date, again highlighting ICSF's uniqueness among surgical charity organizations. To our current and prospective donors: please know that there is a reason why ICSF is the only organization braving the pandemic. The reason? We truly care about the children out there suffering correctable facial deformities, and their families. I think most of you already know that. The pandemic is highlighting ICSF as America’s leader in showing, not just saying, how much we care about children suffering with facial deformities in poor countries. So, during this historic pandemic, know your donations are actually going to children’s free surgeries, performed with the same painstaking care as American children receive. ICSF is ensuring that “Everyone was born to Smile,’ even during the pandemic.

Emmy and her family are grateful that ICSF braved the pandemic to provide her lifechanging surgery.

Dr. Geoff Williams
President, ICSF
P.O. Box 4594
Boise, Idaho 83711-4594

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