August 04, 2012

When Ben Songahid, age seven, came to ICSF’s 2011 Kabankalan Philippines mission, he was very thin, like many other Filipino children. More importantly, however, Ben was found to be severely anemic, necessitating cancellation of his surgery.

August 03, 2012

Jowena’s Time

It certainly was not Jowena’s time in January, 2009. Jowena’s mother had brought her to ICSF’s annual Kabankalan, Philippines, cleft palate mission, hoping to have her daughter’s bilateral cleft lip corrected. The one-year-old little girl had come to the mission healthy, but when her scheduled day for surgery arrived, she had a high fever and a deep cough, necessitating the cancellation of her surgery. Jowena’s beautiful mother received the bad news politely. Her quiet reply, however, “OK, Doc, I understand,” could not hide her disappointment. Although her daughter was only one year old she could not be comforted with the news “You’ll be taken care of next year.”

August 01, 2012

How is it possible for an organization with no paid employees to do seven team missions per year in a poor country 10,000 miles away?

April 21, 2012

ICSF’s 2012 efforts included a record of nine missions to the Philippines alone. Dr. Geoff Williams, ICSF president, comments, “This country is one of the poorest in Southeast Asia. With the Asian predisposition to clefts, and with poor access to reconstructive surgery, these people suffer a very high cleft rate. We’re glad to be able to provide such extensive help to these very deserving folks in the Philippines. Our donors have made it possible for us to expand our services more every year.”

March 05, 2012

The last two quarters of 2011 saw ICSF serve nine missions to five countries (the Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Kenya, and Pakistan), including ICSF’s first speech therapy mission (see page 2). “The credit for our success in 2011 should be shared by ICSF’s supporters who have really made all of this possible” says Dr. Geoff Williams, ICSF president.

March 04, 2012

When children with cleft palates receive palate surgery, even the most meticulous surgical repair is often not enough to ensure normal speech. In the US and other developed countries, children have access to speech therapists who can train and teach the patients to speak normally after palate surgery.

March 03, 2012

To what extent will ICSF go to help its patients? Just ask Luzielle. I first met Luzielle in March 2009 when she was three. I will never forget our first meeting. ICSF was conducting its first mission to Cadiz, Philippines, and it was our first day at the hospital. We were in the middle of a long day of patient evaluations. Nearly all patients had clefts of some kind.

March 01, 2012
An ICSF Angel

Meet Janet Brigham. At first glance, she is one of the many volunteers who donate their time and expertise to keep ICSF running. A research psychologist at SRI International in Menlo Park, California, with a background as a professional editor and writer, she edits and formats ICSF’s quarterly newsletter.

February 27, 2012

(This was written in May 2009 in response to a request for information on how we function) Note: although it is now almost three years later, February 2012, we still function on an all-volunteer basis.

Dear Mandy,

We have been moving steadily along for almost three years now. From September 2003, until the latter part of 2006, Geoff financed this work out of his savings.

December 04, 2011

Most American soldiers, after completing a tour of duty in Afghanistan, return home to pursue the lives they dreamed of when they were in the battlefi eld— and well they should. They have put life and limb on the line for the ideals of freedom. Relationships, school, and family are the goals of nearly all as they return home—except 26-year-old Marine Sgt. Winston Fiore, that is.

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